Product Watch: Levi's Ex-Girlfriend Jeans

Gay Guy,

I'll admit that there's something sexy about a woman wearing a man's shirt. That's an iconic image that tells a risque story and has worked for Marilyn Monroe and countless other women. But apparently Levi's now thinks that the tables can be turned, and that guys look hot wearing lady pants.

Ummm. No. What would that backstory be?

Here's the sales pitch from the Levi's website: "Remember the girlfriend with the great style? Here's a tribute to her -- a fit that's super-snug allover, an update of the five-pocket classic that's as skinny as it gets. Made with plenty of stretch."

Yes, I know there are many guys already wearing skinny pants like this. A select few are lead singers in rock bands, where bending gender rules might add to their credibility. The rest are just misguided -- and being taken at $70 a pop. Do they not know that they have been wearing lady pants all along? At least we can now thank Levi's for the confirmation that this style most rightfully belongs to your ex-girlfriend. Guys, if you have a pair, it's time to give them back.

Yeah, I checked anyway, and they don't even come in my size. Maximum inseam = 32 inches. Tall dudes need not apply. Levi's is still my brand of choice, but I only pay thirty bucks at Sears for a hell of a lot more fabric than this. These days it's a straighter cut than the baggy ones I wore in the 90s, but still nowhere near "super snug."

Someone get the smelling salts for GG, I just mentioned clothes shopping at Sears.

--Straight Guy

P.S. Miller Lite's "Man Up" campaign, which features hot female bartenders publicly emasculating male patrons for any effeminate fashion choices (skinny jeans, man purses, etc.) is included on our GayAds/StraightAds Tumblr. I think that approach is a little harsh, just for the record.


Straight Shooter said...

This an absolute 'no-no". Guys can't wear the girlfriend's jeans, sweaters, tee-shirts, dress shirts, etc. Only know exceptions: Sweatshirt/pants and baseball hats.

Carrie looked all cute wearing Big's tighty-whities, but you never saw him running around in one her thongs or her Jimmy Choos

straight in upstate said...

Most women would freak if their boyfriend were skinny enough to fit into their clothes...maybe, hence the ex-girlfriend part. Or she caught him borrowing more than just her pants...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Brutalism said...

I think it is fairly easy for a guy to look good. Or at least it used to be when "jeans and a t-shirt" was pretty simple stuff.

These ex-girlfriend jeans are frighteningly close to womens' jeggings...which are frighteningly close to the apocalypse.

Greg said...

The real problem with "skinny jeans" are the 300 lb. men I see wearing them, traipsing down the sidewalk as they sag too low beyond the waistline. Not a pretty sight.

Dorn said...

Skinny jeans everywhere the past decade have made me recoil in horror. These are really absurd. Down here in Austin, the skinny jean dominates the clothing arena. That said, the hipsters and music wannabes are everywhere down here.

Dwight Supremacy said...

I live in a moderately high density hipster area and have seen the men in skinny jeans look for quite a while. Don't care for it, but this just seems like a late to the party product to me.

BosGuy said...

Not a fan of the skinny jeans look. I already made this mistake in the 80s and don't plan to repeat.

I have to say that Greg's point about guys too big to be wearing such jeans is also a huge issue that someone really needs to address. Yuck.

lynn said...

I don't want my man to be as skinny as me or have better hair. Period.

Anonymous said...

They are comfortable. You can actually see a bludgeon when wearing it.

Only thing is it looks to weird.

Anonymous said...

Guys sometimes where it to show a the outline of their dick.

Hey if if you have a good sized one why not show it off.