Straight Guy,

I was in New York this past weekend, having a great time visiting friends.

The friend with whom I stayed has a Saturday manicure routine. No rain, no snow, no dark of night could keep her from that appointment.

Can you guess where this post is going?

Heck yeah, I got a mani, too. What was I supposed to do to kill the time, read Cosmopolitan?

I kept the manicure simple. Just a clean up--no buff, no clear polish. Still, this level of personal attention feels like something straight guys don't do.

Is there any 'man' in a manicure?

SG, guy readers: Ever get a manicure? For gays only? Female readers: where do manicures land for you. Gratifying? Give it the finger? Leave a comment and let us know.

--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

What about that mythical creature, the metrosexual? Seems like manis and pedis were the big thing for the media led us to believe. Me, it's a special occasion if I track down a real pair of nail clippers for the job. Otherwise I use the file on my Leatherman.

Lilly said...

I like getting manicures sometimes, but I don't usually want to pay just to have my nails done, so I will normally just have it done for special occasions.
Also, my nails just gets ruined as soon as I go to work anyway, so there's really no point.

Anonymous said...

Love manicures but only get them occasionally -- too much money for something that doesn't last too long. I'm a pedi girl. Once sandal weather returns, I'll have great toes and soft heels until fall. And nothing beats a foot rub.

Brutalism said...

Nothing wrong with the mani, man.

Betsy (formerly Gingerella) said...

I don't pay a lick of attention to my nails (and unfortunately it shows); I've never had a mani and the idea of a stranger touching my feet grosses me out so no pedis in my future! But my dad, a real man's man, once got false nails put on. He was a chronic nail biter and the falsies were to help curb his habit while his real nails grew out underneath. It worked!

Molly Louise said...

The only time I had a pedi was for my sister's wedding back in '06, and while I felt incredibly bad for the person trying to rub away twelve years worth of soccer calluses, it wasn't bad. Not something I'd do on my own unless it was for a fairly significant occasion, but not bad.

Caroline said...

i hear that Liam Neeson gets mani/pedi's... does that answer your question