Street Life: Crunch, Don't Crunch

Gay Guy,

I stumbled (almost literally) across this gentleman yesterday. Don't worry, he's fine. Just doing a set of ab crunches on a busy corner of our fair metropolis.

There are no residences on this block, so he got a pretty good workout just dragging his machine to this site. There is also a nice park just nearby, so I have to wonder what motivation he gets from the aesthetic of the underpass.

He got a few honks, and I assume that was probably the point. I guess someone didn't get enough attention when he was growing up. "Look what I can do, Mommy... I mean, everyone!"

I'm not a very religious person. But I know that diligence is a virtue while pride is a sin. This guy obviously has both out the wazoo. So I'm not sure what to make of him.

I could have stopped and talked to him, rather than pass judgment from a distance. But I was on my way to pick up some donuts. We all have our priorities.

--Straight Guy


John said...

Rightly said we all have our priorities. May be that fellow has his way of doing things although weird!
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Michael Lamay Roy said...

Thanks for the humor, got an early morning laugh out of it.

Anonymous said...

I've seen workout stations along a running trail, but I've never seen anyone bring their own equipment.

Straight Guy said...

John, MLR, Anon,

Great to see you here at GG/SG. Thanks for joining the conversation.

It was weird, though the guy seemed well put together, not completely deranged. Maybe it was a challenge or a dare? The guy was way older than college-aged, though.