Britney = Gay Icon?

Straight Guy,

Britney Spears voted "ultimate gay icon"? For real?

The Orange County (California) Equality Project voted Britney the ULTIMATE gay icon. As in gayest icon of all time. I cannot capitalize or bold the word
ultimate enough.


The news alert torpedoed my afternoon's productivity.

To review: icon=image, representation, sacred personage.

She's not gay, she has no street cred, no real gay following that I know of. Am I running with an aging uncool crowd. (Okay, yes, I am.)


--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

The Jack character on Will & Grace did Britney jokes and name-checked her all the time. He obviously spoke for gay men everywhere. Or do you get icon status based upon some relationship between talent (discuss) and self-destructive tendencies? Isn't Judy Garland's tragic life part of the attraction? I can't pretend to understand the pantheon of gay icons, but I'm pretty sure Brit ain't in it.

Dorn said...

Sorry GG, I was too lazy to follow the link. Along the same line as Britney, were Judy Garland, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Madonna or hell even the Gaga on the list of possibles? None gay, but still highly stereotypical. How bout Elton, Versace or Liberace?

Oddly coincidental with her recent single release running against the massive gay hype around Gaga's single release too.

When Pigs Fly said...

I thought Gaga was the new gay icon. At least, that is what she is striving for with her new song. Nothing says crass commercialism like self-appointment.

Greg said...

Where was I when this poll was taken? Britney is the furthest thing from an icon. How about selecting someone who's actually done something for the LGBT community?

BosGuy said...

Not a fan of Ms. Spears either, although I was out last night and the crowd (gay) was definitely all about watching the world premiere of her video.

SeymourSaymore said...

On a similar note, GG, I opened up the Sunday WashPo (Outlook) to read "5 Myths About Lincoln." One of them was "Lincoln was gay." Whoa. I so did not know that was a myth that needed debunking. He would not have moved the needle on my gaydar one millimeter.

chuckwagon said...
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