Gay Guy Sinks Into Sports Stereotype? Go Figure.

Straight Guy,

Hit the gym today. Plugged my earphones into the TV monitor on the treadmill gym. I had my music with me, but sometimes TV hits the spot. A few weeks ago, I did the elliptical to an episode of Law and Order, which helped me stay engaged and stay with it longer than usual.

No Law and Order today. Flip, flip. Sex and the City. No, thanks. Celtics game. No. (Much as I like college basketball, the pros don't do it for me.) Skating competition. Hooray!

Yes, I fell into yet another gay stereotype. Figure skating. Dude to the left of me power-walked the Celtics game. I assume that he's straight, got no gay vibe off him.

Gotta admit it, the skaters kept me on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes more than I probably would have hung in there otherwise.

"Hmm . . . why are their asses so round and tight? Oh, right, they spend their entire week in training." That was motivation for another mile, for sure.

Stereotype, yes. But good for my fitness health.

--Gay Guy

P.S.: Thanks for holding down the blog, SG. Much appreciated. I am still slogging through PTSD: Post-Tedious Snow Disgust. I am just done with winter. Well, actually, it's more that work has had a lot of stressful wear and tear of late. Nothing bad, just lots to do. I am flying a wee too close to our persnicikity boss for my own comfort, but it seems to be going well. No news is good news. May this week be better!

--Gay Guy


straight in upstate said...

I won't judge you if you don't judge me for lying on the sofa this Sunday, balancing a beer on my stomach while I watch the Super Bowl.

Molly Louise said...

If anything, I get more excited when the men's figure skating is on than the women. Please don't ask me to examine why. Though I wasn't too happy when I found out neither Evan L. or Johnny Weir were skating. Ah, well. There's always next time.

Betsy (formerly Gingerella) said...

At least it wasn't a ballroom dancing competition.... :)

I *love* figure skating and my husband has grown to appreciate it from the athletic side. Actually, he just likes watching the ice dancers, because "all the women ice dancers are hot." argh.

When Pigs Fly said...

I just like watching the skating for the outfits. You've got to love the ice dancers.

BosGuy said...

I'm suffering from PTDS too. I just had no idea that is what it is called.

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