Bridging the Gay/Straight Divide: Badass Rainbows!

I'm not sure I can justify the need for it's existence. But here it is, nonetheless.

Yes, Mr. Rainbow. Whatever you say, Mr. Rainbow. Let me get that for you, Mr. Rainbow.

--Straight Guy


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Haha, nice mustache. :)

Straight in Upstate said...

Steeler rainbow definitely my favorite!!

SteveA said...

80's pop culture made gay - gotta love it!

Gay Guy said...

Uhmmm . . . . why?

Kyle said...

Why not, Gay Guy? Sometimes things are a bit more amusing with a rainbow slapped across them.

Except for the Rainbow Warriors of Hawai'i. Apparently once the rainbow was co-opted by the gay community, they decided they needed to change their name to something more fitting, even though Hawai'i has extensive cultural and natural history associated with rainbow iconography.

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