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Happy Holidays, Gay Guy

Clue me in on the LGBTQ cult of Hermie the elven dentist and the Island of Misfit Toys.

I mentioned the Dumbledore controversy. You brought up (and can't seem to forget) Hairspray. Both feature themes of self-acceptance and tolerance. Aren't they both contemporary Rudolph stories? Don't all of these stories feature protagonists whose "parents" try to keep their special capabilities hidden from the world? Don't they each find success and happiness
only when they finally embrace their "otherness"?

Was there ever a more sad and tragic, yet innuendo-laden catch phrase as "Nobody wants to play with a Charlie-in-the-Box!"?

Hope you get what you want this year... Maybe Santa can find something in an imperfect size 8 from the Island of Misfit Man-Boots for you.

Safe travels.

--Straight Guy

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straight in upstate said...

SG: No proclivity divide here, on Hermie and Misfit Toys. I quote that movie year 'round, as does another friend who said, 20 years ago, "I must belong on the Island of Misfit Toys - look at the people I keep pickin' for friends!"
"I don't want to be an elf. I want to be...a dentist"

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