Breakfast+Lunch=Brunch... Lunch+Supper=Lupper?

Gay Guy,

I agree that there is a gay/straight divide over brunch, but I don't think it's that complicated to figure out why. My guess is that gays like a fancy meal (brunch is fancier than either breakfast or lunch alone). And most straight guys are reluctant to cut back on the number of meals per day (leave breakfast and lunch alone!).

We straights attend brunch from time to time, but we rarely plan them ourselves. I can't think of a brunch that wasn't necessitated by circumstances beyond my control, including:
  • my wife
  • my mother
  • oversleeping
  • the smell of hot waffles and bacon
When I'm there, the food is usually great and I'm not complaining (unless this happens). It's not that we don't like morning foods – even at mid-day or night. I respect any menu headlined "Breakfast Served 24 Hours a Day."

Slowly back away from the frittata, GG.

Go ahead, order double hash-browns and bacon. In fact, meet me at IHOP in 20 minutes. Scrambled eggs and toast for you, Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity for me.

Hey, wait a minute...

--Straight Guy


gay guy said...

My favorite part of the video is the guy in the white T-shirt in the left foreground. He doesn't seem to act like anything unusual is happening. He barely barely stop eating.

straight in upstate said...

I'm with SG - not opposed to brunch, just not going to put one together. I'm cheap, so my problem with brunch is overpaying when the local $2.99 eggs, toast, meat, and coffee special is all I need.
Is it just me, or did IHOP taste better when they still had the Swiss Chalets? The postmodern square boxes just don't do it for me. My big problem with IHOP is the stupid names - I shouldn't be forced to say Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity. Why can't they just number the items like my favorite Mexican restaurant does?

Straight Guy said...


The brunch poll is still open. How did you vote?

I, too, will drive the extra 5 miles to dine chalet-style at an old-school IHOP. If anything is too embarrassing to order out loud, you can always just point to the picture of the smiling pancakes.

Gay Guy said...

Wait, wait... Did I hear you say there is a breakfast special still going that features eggs, toast, meat, and coffee for $2.99. For real? Not some episode of Medium where Patricia Arquette comes to trying to complete a 30-year journey to deliver grits to booth 32. Getting the coffee alone would cost $2.99 in my neighborhood. But at least you get a mind-numbing recitation of the bean's pedigree.

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