A Whorl of Difference

Gay Guy,

Great posts. But I need a rest. I am recovering from the multi-front assault of
  • smocking
  • pinky rings
  • ass appetizers
  • gaydar and gay sonar (who knew?)
  • hair whorls
I can only say that if you even know what a hair whorl is, you are probably gay already and evaluating whether it spins clockwise or counter clockwise is superfluous at best. Especially if you have a little hand mirror handy to help.

Do the whorls reverse for gays in Australia, by the way?

Signing off to bump "Hairspray" down a bit on my Netflix list. Oh geez, there's "300!" What do we think about that, GG? Double feature?

--Straight Guy

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Kathleen said...

Having seen "300" with GG, I will quote someone who watched it with him: "I've never seen so much eyeliner and blood in one movie."

Clearly, you should be planning a jaunt to "Beowulf." Ray Winstone in 3D: what's not to love?

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