What's a Doublet?

If GG thinks he can walk around town dressed like Errol Flynn's Robin Hood and not expect a sideways glance, he's out of his mind. Remember that even back in the day, Errol had to carry a deer carcass across his shoulders to offset the waxed mustache, tights, and assorted fripperies of his costume. If he had been wearing "Show Tune Boots"... game over.

Still, get them. But not for wearing with shorts.

And yes, I said "fripperies." Probably not in the Abbreviated Straight Dictionary, but no foul either, right?.

--Straight Guy

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Straight But Fabulous said...

Its not a showtune - but I'm suddenly inspired to sing..... These boots are made for walkin'...and that's just what I'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all ovRE you. :)