It's not whether you're gay or straight... It's how you say "the game"

GG, just back from Thanksgiving break, sorry for the delayed response. I thought of you from my vacation cabin in the Tennessee mountains as we lowered our turkey into the deep fryer and cracked open a canned beer. Sound familiar? I thought not, but back to the topic at hand...

Well Gay Guy, I cannot crack the mystery of "Game Talk" for you. I admit that using the generic "the game" is a bit of shorthand... but whatever game we are talking about is completely obvious to us. I am no standard bearer in this regard, there are many with more sports on their brains. But, as a rule of thumb, I think I would know what "game" was classified as "the game" on a given day. Here's a breakdown:
  • Home teams in season are the safest bet (if this makes no sense to you, then we'll need to do some remedial work)
  • Championship or playoff games are also acceptable, whatever your market
  • On Tuesday, we are talking about Monday Night Football
  • If you are still grasping, say something definitive ("I hate the Yankees," for example) and see if the conversation takes off
  • Slightest chance we may be talking about Iron Chef, but never Project Runway
--Straight Guy

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