Shoes Make the Man?

Gay Guy Here,

Oh, Straight Guy, you are so funny. And timely, too.

Just at the moment you were selecting Kenneth Cole as one of my essential links (Note: I am a perfect Kenneth Cole size 8 shoe), I was pondering this pair of beauties online.

Freaky, isn't it. The timing, that is, not the ankle boots.

Ankle boots. Yep, this is pretty much what it's all about for me: I want it, but can I pull it off without being some bad gay guy stereotype? I just don't want to look like Peter Pan or Robin Hood. Peter Pan for obvious creepy reasons. Robin Hood might be okay, but only if I'm the Errol Flynn version, not some Disney fox in green doublet.

All this is to ask, Can shoes be gay? Straight?

Oh, and to make the boots even more perfect, they are called "Show Tune."

--Gay Guy

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