Got Game?

“Did you see the game?”

“What about that game?”

I’m never quite sure what to think about “sports talk.” Or, to be more precise, talking about “the game.”

This is how it works: One guy says to another guy something like, “Did you see the game?” Or, “What did you think about the game?” Or, “How about that game?” And, faster than I could say “what game?” the guys are in an animated exchange reliving “the game.”

Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy that people have interests and hobbies. I’m happy that people like sports. And, I know that sports are not the gay/straight divide, but, Straight Guy, explain to me when “How ‘bout that game?” (or “Who you following?) is the sure fire, one percent safe opening line between straight men.

Over to you, Straight Guy


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straight in upstate said...

GG: Playoffs are always a safe bet for "that game" opening line, regardless of home team status. As a moderate & straight sports watcher, I ignore most sports until playoff time. Don't worry, the sportscasters talk you to death so after one game you'll know everything you never wanted to know about all the players.
If you decide to enter the "what about that game" game, here's a tip. Watch "the game" long or intently enough to see "a big play". When they do 15 replays and ramble on for 10 minutes, it's a big play. Then next day at work you can say, "How about that interception/ block/ dropped fly ball?" Drink your coffee smugly, adjust your package, and walk away before anyone can counter with "Yeah but what about...?"