Pinky Tuscadero Rides Again!

Add this to your Christmas wish list, GG.

From D.C. artist Theresa Honeywell...
Provocative imagery and macho icons are rendered into delicate and beautiful pieces of art that seem to question the notion of what art is, and what is “only” a handicraft. Her work is very labor intensive and densely rendered. She takes a craft that is considered to be “pretty” and merely decorative, and creates art that comments on our rigid notions of gender roles and high/low culture.

--Straight Guy


Anonymous said...

Wowsers. Is that bike covered in pink knitwear or what? You all must know by now that GG has an aversion to knitting...but I suspect this is because he is actually attracted to knitting. Like the kid who dips the girl's braids into an inkwell, GG will resist knitting until the moment it turns around and kisses him.


Straight Guy said...

Yes. It's a motorcycle cozy. She also knits machine gun cozies and functional toolbelts.

My Grandma can't be the only one who could have put these things to use without irony, could she?

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