I Hear it Tastes Like Chicken

Straight Guy,

I forgot to put up a link to this good Washington Post article about man-on-man kissing in the film Milk.

I get really tired of listening to actors suffer and stumble through "What was it like to kiss another man?" on the interview circuit. Like somehow it's the ickiest, most strange thing in the world to do. No worries SG, I understand that you don't want to kiss another man. We're fine with that over here on our side of the sexual divide. I don't kiss girls. But I would kiss a woman to get a part a good movie, that's for sure. Because it would be called acting.

Get real. These guys are actors. It's not like they got hit on in Macy's. They play a part. They get paid to use their imaginations. It does not merit a question on Letterman.

I saw Milk and I liked it. The kissing is good because, well, because James Franco is cute. And because the kisses, the physical connection between two men on screen felt honest and real. Sean and Jimmy, A+ on the guy/guy lip lock.

--Gay Guy

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