Double Dipping in a Pool of Indulgence

Straight Guy,

Check out the
"60 Minutes" love fest interview with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. It's all questions you've heard before -- though the new bits about how much Phelps' endorsements bring him is informative. And, the amount of what he rejects is mind boggling.

It's a long, indulgent, and content-free interview but the gem is that it includes a swim race between Phelps and interviewer Anderson Cooper. (Here's the clip. Sorry about the ad.)

Calling it a race is like calling a face off between a bullet train and a bike a race.

Back to "60 Minutes. . . Ahh, the subjects of two of my more ambitious ambitions, in swim trunks, at the same time. Straight Guy, in case you didn't know, Anderson is long rumored to be gay. I think it's a pretty ironclad case, but my facts are not in evidence. A friend swears he saw Cooper at tea dance at the Boatslip in Provincetown a few years back (let me know if you need me to define the value of those terms), but I think it was another case of 'gay goggles" (when someone's cousin's roommate's friend swears he saw Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise in a gay bar in LA. Why is there never an Ernest Borgnine sighting, I ask).

Anyway, I'd would have loved to have been a fly on the wall watching Cooper lobby for a chance to spend the afternoon with the "World's Greatest Swimmer." What gay man wouldn't take the chance put his hand on Phelps' bare chest and fondle his . . . . err medals.

No surprise that Phelps creams Cooper. But, Anderson, I'm no great swimmer, but if you're planning on challenging someone, anyone, half your age to a swim race, wear a Speedo, not a skirt. It's not the beach.

--Gay Guy

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Straight Guy said...

What is a tea dance? If it means dancing at "tea time" then it is gay beyond my imagination. Wham! and crumpets, anyone?

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