Coming to the Seat of Power

[This post is not straight, not gay, just generally unsuitable for everyone.]

Hey, Straight Guy,

I am incredibly excited about the Obama inauguration. It's historic, it's emotional, it's affirming. I want to be part of it. I have hit some realities, though.

There are different estimates of the number of people expected to descend on Washington, D.C., for the inauguration. Anything from one million to four million. That means needs, deep human needs. That means porta potties, thousand of them. Here's journalistic porta pottie proof.

As one inaugural act of public service, Metro, the D.C. subway system, is putting up about 150 porta potties around selected stations. Just how does one petition or audition to be a selected comfort station? Everyone is encouraged to take public transpo, so let's see: 150 porta potties divided by one million riders is, well, I prefer not to know. How many miles of toilet paper is that?

[Hey, I warned you not to read this.]

We're at 40 days to inauguration, so that means the weather on January 20 won't be much different than today. The photo is a shot of a D.C. porta pottie today... in the rain, and cold. I picked the photo with twinkly lights to make it look more warm and romantic.

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

We can hold it. Yes we can!

Gay Guy said...

Catheter, darling, catheter.

Straight in Upstate said...

And this is why I live in a town of 13,000 far removed from national events. Personal space and a comfortable modern bathroom any time I want are very high on my list of priorities.

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