My First Nude Scene. . . Errr, Seeing One, Of Course

Straight Guy,

Now it all makes sense! I have hazy memories of seeing Planet of the Apes as a child. . . and remember the film as an inexplicable turn on. An early source of the tinglies. I've worried to this day that I was turned on by the apes. What kind of sick perv am I? Now I see from the Entertainment Weekly Unforgettable Nude Scenes list that my tinglies surely must have been caused by a stripped down Charlton Heston. I'd complete forgotten -- or blocked out -- Charlton. Phew! Finally to know that Zira and/or Cornelius was not my first sexual sonar blip.

Absent from EW's list: Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet. Like a million American high school students, I watched the film in my 9th grade English class. The 1968 film was already ancient and scratchy by the time we got to see it. But underneath those scratches was the first nude scene -- the briefest, most fleeting nude scene, but the first that I had ever seen. For those who don't remember, R+J, played by Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey, themselves still teens, are wakened from their one night together by the lark's song. They jump out of bed and supply a flash of her breasts and his bare stuff. Mild for a 9th grader now, but wild then.

How could EW leave out American Gigolo? Richard Gere in all his 1980 firm glory. Do the hustle! My eyes bulged. Call me!

My favorite on the EW list is A Room with a View, which wins hands down for the most joyful, most "bouncing but behaving" film nude frolic. If I remember correctly, one male character is introduced to another and basically says, "Hello, nice to meet you. I am going to take a bathe in the pond now, care to join?" But all straight and harmless and buttoned up Edwardian.

So, readers, what was the first or best nude scene for you?

--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

I forgot about 1968 R&J...that may have been my first cinema boobs. There was also Sally Kellerman in the MASH film - almost as fleeting as Olivia's boobs - but I saw it on TV and that was deleted.

so how weird is it for you, GG, that Uncle "kill all the queers with my Constitutionally guaranteed rifle" Charlton gave you the tinglies? Is John McCain doin' something for you? Or is this a level of shame you're not ready for yet? You can always recant and say it was the chimps...

Gay Guy said...

Tough choice there. For this Gay Guy, the chimps look better and better all the time.

MLB74 said...

I always thought there was something about Zira.

garrett munroe said...

that scene in PLANET OF THE APES made me uncomfortable: the beastiality aspect. the hairy man with hairy "man" aspect. the sci fi not of this world sex. my first nude scene was in a sci fi book in the 8th grade. i told the principle that the librarian at my religious school had given me porn to read LOL.

Gay Guy said...

Thinking that the man who made have given me my first erection turned out to be Charlton Heston requires the same expression as taking moldy, furry food out of the back of the refrigerator. Ever had to clean out the frig at work? You get the idea. What is it about the gun that men cling to? Or is my swiffer just as bad?

Anonymous said...

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