Happy Trails to You, Straight Guy


Straight Guy just quizzed me about whether I knew what a "happy trail" is.

I gave him the stone cold stare I only use when I see people inside of costumes handing out flyers or free samples on the street. A combination of sorrow and disbelief.

Yes, I know what a happy trail is. In fact, I wouldn't have guessed that straight people used the expression.

What do you say, readers. . . Happy trail: gay or straight anatomy chart?

P.S.: I never try the samples from the person in the costume. It's just wrong. Unless it's cookies.

--Gay Guy

Hate to break it to you, GG. It's not gay code.

I first heard of the happy trail in rural (near-Amish) Pennsylvania back in the early 80s. The context was sexually naive but definitely straight.

Now that I'm much older, I'm searching for a similar term for the new random grouping of active follicles near my left shoulder blade.

--Straight Guy

Wow, this is truly a revelation. I thought my people were singularly advanced in this linguistic territory of happy, treasure, garden trails.



Straight in Upstate said...

Good Lord, who's got time to come up with these phrases? I haven't balanced my checkbook since Memorial Day but I feel slightly more productive than whoever thinks this stuff up. And yes, that's a cover for the fact I've never heard of any of these. You know me, GG - is it me? Is it the nowhere-near-bustling burg I live in? Or can I blame my five year old?

Gay Guy said...

Well, I think you hadn't head of 'happy trail' or 'treasure trail' because you don't listen/read men describe themselves and their bodies. (I don't have a trail, it's more like a super highway.) I don't recommend that you go on to a men's hook up site, maybe start in the shallow end of the pool with craig's list. it's a lot of measuring. it's a lot of marketing.

Anonymous said...

Laughing at myself, I must admit that until I saw the reference to facial hair, I thought "Happy Trail" was the trail of hair that some men have from the naval downward. Which makes Sipsies' comment "more like a super highway" that much more hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

am 17 year old lad and i have a happy trail from my above my belly button down to my pubes

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