Interest in Hair Spiked

Gay Guy,

You noticed that our blog readership spiked last Friday. Thanks for the heads-up. I checked it out...

The rest of the blog was normal, but interest in this post (on the facial hair font) went from zilch to 25 hits on one day (see that page's numbers graphed above). Our older posts don't usually generate much traffic, but folks stayed on that post for an average of 24 seconds, meaning many found what they were looking for.

I tracked the search terms that were successful in finding our blog and "gay beard" and "gay guy with beard" searches were definitely the source

GG, readers, any idea what the spike was about? I have no idea. Was there a hot news item?

--Straight Guy

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Gay Guy said...

Whatever the source of the buzz, looking at those hair style fonts inspired my to grow back my goatee.

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