Bearded Ladies

Still an odd interest in our facial hair font post. Folks still searching for "gay" and "beard."

I've just learned that "beard" can refer to a woman who (knowingly or not) serves to disguise a gay guy's sexuality.

Here's a link to urban dictionary's take (UD is a great resource for any straight guy who needs to decode gay slang... or for anyone to crack slang of any kind).

GG, did you know this and leave me in the dark? Readers, have you used or been used as a "beard?"

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Hmmm, SG - you know about "happy trails" but not beards? I'd love to know more about the circles you travel in. i'm the reverse - never heard of the first but have known about beards for years. Beards are the pet peeve of a friend of mine - "why is HE married to a woman??? That is so wrong!"

Straight but Fabulous said...

Wait. Does this mean Bee was unwittingly a GG's beard????

Gay Guy said...

No. Bee is not a beard. She took me to a party that is all. The act of a beard is an intentional attempt to deceive. Bee just wanted me to be myself and have fun. And I did.

Norm said...

You JUST learned what a "beard" is?! Straight Guy, I'm straighter then you, and even I knew that one.

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