Move Over Ernie and Bert

Gay Guy,

You may have noticed the new blog banner. All thanks to the new Muppet Whatnot Workshop where anyone can order a custom muppet.

Choices are limited. No specific gay/straight options (though some of the costume options are kind of "fabulous!" -- if you put a showgirl outfit on a bald puppet, people are going to talk).

Still functioning and fun is the system to create your own Simpsons character here. With more options, you can get frighteningly close to rendering your true self.

--Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

I'm assuming that's me in the plaid jacket. Madras? Summer cocktails?

straight in upstate said...

Sorry, GG, the one on the right totally looks like you - okay, maybe not the shirt. (That sound you hear is GG scratching me off his Christmas list...)

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