Checking In... About Checking Out

Straight Guy,

Thanks for bearing the load on the website. I've been pretty checked out of late. Things are fine, but I am cranky these days.

It's furnace hot here, I'm off my gym routine and on the wrong side of 160 lbs., work's busy and the new boss is a learning curve, my dad had a trip to the ER and a hospital overnighter, I haven't seen some important friends for a while, and I'm disgusted that my government can't get its shit together about this impending debt crisis but have to admit it looks too much like my own financial management for comfort. Wah, wah, wah. You get the idea.

Without doubt there are things that make me happy. Of course, number one on the list is that same-sex couples began marrying in New York State on Sunday. Read more. That's huge--both in terms of its importance and that New York is a huge state. That's a lot of wedding presents (Crate and Barrel thanks you) and more importantly lots of new couples and millions of people being influenced in new and personal ways. 

I got my first save-the-date wedding card for a New York wedding. Makes me happy.

--Gay Guy 


straight in upstate said...

Okay, the stories about the couples in their 70s and 80s who'd been together for decades, and the kids who wanted their parents to get married ASAP, got to me.

I haven't gotten any save-the-dates - couples I know are either on the outer circle of acquaintance, or don't believe in marriage (though support one's right to do so). Wonder if the Beekman Boys are going to branch out into rustically fashionable upstate farm weddings?

BosGuy said...

Sounds like a lot is going on GG. If it makes you feel any better, I'm on the wrong side of 200, my shoulder is still hurting from May and to compound matters I tweaked my right knee.

Misery enjoys company (or so I've been told).

Hang in there,

Nance said...

There's that one bright note, those weddings. I need to crash a few of those NY wedding parties. Sitting down here in the steaming South waiting for my fate to be diddled away in Congress has put me in a mood so foul, it would take multiple back-to-back weddings to set me right.

Jack Scott said...

My partner Liam and I got hitched in the UK in 2008. It was the most life enhancing experience of my life surrounded by family and friends. I was thrilled to hear about the change of law in New York. Maybe now some other states will follow.

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