Ad Watch: Hugh Gets Skin Like Dew

Straight Guy,

Hugh Laurie's gone uber-Metrosexual as a newly recruited spokesmodel for L'Oreal Paris' guy line of products. Read all about it.

Oh, the inhumanity when the gruff, sarcastic and ironic go pretty . . . because they're worth it.

And I thought I was edging it with my Aveeno moisturizer in the winter. Regular moisturizer that is, not Positively Radiant or Ultra Calming. Okay, a weekly scrub with some lava-like cream made from imported kiwi seeds or something like that.

Guys, are Hugh Laurie's pores making the gay/straight skin care line blurry? What's your routine? Be honest.  Female readers: What do you wish your man would do for his face?

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

Does Chapstick count?

Straight Guy said...

Recently had a reunion with a few college friends. One of them had a new camera with a powerful lens. The close-ups of me were a wake-up call. The years are showing. Maybe my 1-step process involving bar soap in the shower isn't enough.

Open to ideas, but please know that my follow-though is horrible. It better be easy, cheap, and fast. Am I asking too much?

Gay Guy said...


Are you up for a spa day with me? (Not cheap, easy or fast, but could be fun.)We could blog live from under our mud masks.


If not, try the kiwi seed scrub once a week. And drink buckets of water.

Otherwise, don't change a hair.

straight in upstate said...

Hugh looked a lot more metrosexual 30 years ago when he was on Bertie and Jeeves. and I guess this was just a teaser, but where's the before and after shots? Splashing water on his face? Talking about defying age like Andie McDowell? I'm not buying it.

Now for real role models: I hear you on the photos (and mirror). Y'all should start a beauty blog for "men of a certain age." GG, do you pick out the kiwi seed yourself, or do you have people for that?

Gay Guy said...


I am pretty self sufficient when it comes to my age- (and common sense) defying beauty routines.

I'm building up strength to resist Stephen from the Kiehls shop. Not that he's so special, just that hope spring eternal about those potions . . .

Truth be told, I am fine with how I am.

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