Gay Marriage Support is in the Majority (By a Whisker)

Straight Guy,

I'm excited about the CNN poll released this week showing that the majority of people surveyed --51 percent-- say that "marriages between gay and lesbian couples should be recognized by the law as valid." Read a New York Times story.

Great news.  I could go on for paragraphs about this, but I'm sidetracked by the graphic. Is it just me or does the graphic look phallic to anyone else?

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

I see your point about the graphic. I think you have a healthy imagination, but you aren't making it up out of nothing.

Rob from VA said...

Good observation on the graph. I usually pick up on that sort of thing but I missed this one.


straight in upstate said...

I'm more disturbed by the dots all over the phallic symbol. Who has this graph been hookin' up with - that skanky "defund Planned Parenthood" pie chart?

Kathleen Lawton-Trask said...

Agh! That graphic is really...graphic.

Lynn said...

Oh, wow. Graphic is certainly the right word for it.

BosGuy said...

Its really pretty amazing when you think back to 2003 when the Mass Supreme Court forced my state to recognize same sex marriage.

You would have thought the sky was falling if you watched the national news.


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