Product Watch: The Angry Stick

Gay Guy,

Mrs. Straight Guy recently got me some new deodorant. And no, she wasn't hinting at anything. I think it was just on sale. No big deal. I'm not really brand loyal in the bathroom. Whatever works.

This morning I gave it a second look for some reason. This design is nutty. With those raised corners on the cap, I get the feeling that my deodorant is angry... and maybe a little evil.

Or is it just me?

I'm sure the design is just an attempt to stand out on the crowded shelves. But really, such an odd choice considering the product found underneath the cap actually curves the opposite way.

Who wants to cram something pointy into their arm pits? Is Gillette that desperate to seem edgy and aggressive? It has horns!

--Straight Guy


The Expatresse said...

At least the men are getting weird things in this product category, too. Have you seen the Dove ads? Suggesting they can fix whatever is wrong with my armpits with their products??

Gay Guy said...

I think it's very Batman.

straight in upstate said...

It's shaped like an upside-down armpit. So we know where to apply it? Has that been an issue? As SG points it, it's contrary to shape of the product, and wasteful packaging. I thought "corporate hip" was to be green and go for minimal packaging.

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