Things Gay Guy Spends Too Much Time On: HGTV

Straight Guy,

My life has been freaky busy of late. I know work's been rough for you, too; I can hear your jaw clenching all the way from your office. Handy to work down the hall from each other, right? 

It's causing a noticeably bad affect on my blogging. When I get home from work, plus maybe the gym or tonight the theater, I'm too drained for blogging. I'm only good for the restorative power of red wine and HGTV.

I love HGTV and the like. Sell my house, buy my house, landscape my house, decorate my house, you name it, I'll watch it. The website it loaded with good tips, too. 

My home and garden projects are fairly limited; this week they are pot up the containers of flowers for the deck and change two light bulbs, but it involved a couple of manly man trips to the hardware store. I keep the work to a minimum--nothing that involves a circular saw.

But I love to watch other people work. Love to watch them stress over their properties. Love those landscaper/carpenter dudes and their tool belts. That Carter Oosterhouse can steam off my wall paper and I don't event have any.

HGTV matters to Gay Guy beyond its entertainment value. It's where you go to watch gay people doing regular stuff, like compute square footage of floor tile, unclog drains and bicker with each other because buying a house is stressful. HGTV is good about featuring diversity; it's where you'll find a significantly higher number of diverse people featured than much of the rest of TV. 

This NPR reports tells how HGTV has intentionally made a point to feature a diverse population. Listen to the file.

Thanks, HGTV.

-Gay Guy


Dorn said...

Despite the diversity, they all still want the same thing...Stainless Steel. Isn't there a brave soul who wants to bring back Avocado Green appliances?

Brutalism said...

I, too, believe in the restorative properties of red wine, HGTV and Carter Oosterhouse. Perhaps I am also a gay guy?

BosGuy said...

GG - Carter can come to my place and do whatever he likes too. He's a complete distraction and guilty pleasure for me too.

straight in upstate said...

So I clicked on the Carter Oosterhouse link. GG, GG, you wouldn't watch if HGTV had a chubby carpenter with acne and a great personality? Diversity my ass.

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