Hall of Badassery: Badass Rope Swing


Thanks for your indulgence as I post a little more in this series. I'm noticing a trend: I get my thrills -- mostly vicariously -- through the defiance of gravity: jet packs, glider suits, antenna climbs, etc.

And now this guy, who takes the swimmin' hole rope swing and cranks it up to 11.

No need to watch the whole thing (though it looks great in fullscreen HD). It follows him sunrise to sunset and gets a little redundant. But still, sometimes I wish I could have a day like that.

GG, you may appreciate this guy on another aesthetic level. That's fine, too.

--Straight Guy

P.S. Trying to get back up to speed after the Thanksgiving break. Damn you, Tryptophan! We have a reader question and a few other cool posts in the queue.


kathryn said...

Oh, SG. At least you recognize your vicarious indulgences for what they are.

All I kept thinking was, "Gee. It takes him so long to climb back up for a 5 second freefall. Is it worth it?"

I think I'm getting very old.

Molly Louise said...

I would be screaming all the way to the water. Then again, I scream on carnival rides (when I'm not laughing).

But good for you to recognize you live vicariously through adrenaline junkies.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

That makes those old rope swings into the river look like an infant's game.

Straight Guy said...

Thanks, K and ML,

Yeah, I think I've identified a route through my mid-life crisis: Climb something big and find a unique way to get down quickly.

Still a long shot healthier than what some other guys go through.

Straight Guy said...


Yeah, but this guy is no redneck or skate punk who jumps first and still avoids questions later. Looks like he's done the math (so to say) and set up the equipment to make it work.

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