Hip = Gay?

Straight Guy,

This fall has been brutal. Work's been tough. And I've been way over-committed with putting together an exhibit and opening reception. Nerve-wrecking, but it went really well.

I appreciate that you came to the event. Especially since you were one of maybe three straight men there. But you might be too cool.

A friend who has met you at least once, and who has heard lots about you, told me that you are so hip that she had to be reminded that you are straight. Was it your blazer? Was it your conversation about the creperies and museums of Paris?
Confusing, mais non?

--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

You could substitute "hip" for "cooks, puts the toilet seat down, pays attention during conversation..." If you're single, straight, and hoping to get laid, those attributes actually work against you (in the short run - thank you, Mrs. SIU) because women forget/ don't believe you're not gay.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Oh no. I'm still shocked she used the word "hip".

Straight Guy said...

What can I say, GG?

I had it going on, but no body tried to pick me up.

Next time I'll wear tube socks, burp, and mention Carmen Electra.

Congratulations on the exhibit and party. It was a lot of work. Great job.

The food was good. But Shasta and sheet cake? Are sure whoever coordinated the buffet was gay?

Gay Guy said...

Thanks for the compliments, SG.

We had some strict boundaries on the food and bev order. No booze (no one took that harder than I did) and no dark drinks, including colas and juices (it being a museum and all. I think we ran out of pale drink choices before too long.

I thought we'd do a cute dessert, little cookies or cupcakes, but the grocery store sheet cake won out. It was surprisingly good.

I never think of getting a grocery store cake. We never had them growing up.

Before you start to lay some elitist-no-grocery-store-cake line on me, let me tell all about the beautiful history of Duncan Hines cake mixes, including those with either jello or pudding mixed in.

I struggle with baking cakes from scratch. An acquaintance who is a pastry chef says there is nothing wrong with cake mixes: they are just all the dry ingredients measured and ready to go.

Straight in Upstate said...

Don't know where you were, but hallelujah! The smart museums limit bevs to clear & less-staining. Mine should be so smart.

My grandmother, back in the 1960s, walked into a church dinner just as a woman was decrying the end of civilization vis a vis box cake mixes: "Well, here comes Belle - I know SHE made her cake from scratch!!" Grandma said, "I did not - I never could make a decent cake. Cake mixes are the greatest invention ever."

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