Celebrity Faces... the Worst of the Best!

Fire Bad! Botox Good!

Based on serious research involving interviewing TWO Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, Star Magazine has come up with these amalgams of best features for men and women. Here's a quote:

What happens when you combine 007 Daniel Craig's baby blue eyes, Leonardo DiCaprio's nose and Matt Damon's lips?...

But is the end result — which also added Christian Bale's jaw and John Stamos' hair — all that good-looking?

As for the female morph, it's Katie Holmes' eyes, Katherine Heigl's nose, Keira Knightley's cheeks, Jessica Simpson's long blonde hair and — not surprisingly — Angelina Jolie's lips, "People want fullness, they want that pout," says Dr. Fleming...

Full story here.

I don't know, GG. No winners here. The whole is less than the sum of the parts. Would you rearrange Daniel Craig if you could?

--Straight Guy

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Bubbles said...

I'm not sure I'd trade facial features with any of these folks, but a nice rear enhancement is always a consideration. I guess Dr. Fleming can't transplant JLo's ass, so I'll have to resort to this...


Anonymous said...

Re: the composite photos - First, let's just all say: eeewww!
Second, I'm reminded of my female friend who had (has?) the major hots for Lyle Lovett, and not just on an intellectual level for his lyrics. Fortunately, plastic surgeons don't rule the world (yet) and we're still free to get turned on by someone with wrinkles, crooked teeth, asymmetrical eyes, etc.