Best Friends or Brokeback Buddies?

Another reader needs help. She asks...
Hi guys. I need a male and straight. An old boyfriend of mine met a guy while in the airport (I Larry Craig). They are now best friends and talk at least daily on the phone. They have also gone on several trips together. They are both married. What do you think? Gay or Straight?

The one thing that stands out in this scenario are the daily phone calls. The best thing about my straight male friends is that we are under no obligation to call, remember birthdays, or, honestly, to care overly much about the details of each others lives. I can't imagine having enough pertinent information to pass along on a daily basis to a long-distance friend.

--Straight Guy

Straight Guy and I are in agreement here. Let the straight male stereotype be your guide.

Male-male new buddy weekends don't warrant attention if they are to:
  • Las Vegas, as long as it's for gambling.
  • Any major sporting event, especially if it's what ever the sports version of season finale is, you know, World Series, NCAA Final Four, Super Bowl
  • NASCAR anything
  • Bachelor Party Weekends (Trust me, there's no sex of any kind going on at those weekends, just crushing boredom.)
Worthy of a subtle follow-up question or two:
  • Consumer Electronic Show (Ouch! Sorry, Straight Guy.... I'm not judging.... )
  • With the exception of Bruce Springsteen, out of town concerts. This includes Death Maiden.
  • Any event that involves bringing home an autograph.
Straight Guy and I are as one on the daily phone call. I'd dig around some on that one. Straight guys are genetically designed to resist the sense of detail it takes to sustain that much contact.

But, first let's put on "The Man that Got Away" and talk about why you're so interested in what your now-married ex-boyfriend is up to. I've been there.

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

Uh, Gay Guy, I think your pop culture references were a little telling... "Death Maiden"?

Iron Maiden is a well-known heavy metal group.

"Death and the Maiden" is a Broadway play.

That's what you get for knocking CES.

AJT said...

I have to take issue with one of Gay Guy's "questionable" signals: if a guy goes on a trip with another guy and comes home with Manny Ramirez's autograph, or Jenna Jameson's, there is no need for subtle followup questions. Especially in the latter case. The wife may have a lot of questions, but they won't be subtle.

straight in upstate said...

For me, "met at the airport and are now best friends" is the big tip-off. What are their joint criteria for "best friends"? Unless you're in prison or on a submarine I don't see the need for pairing up that fast with anybody, in any relationship. I vote Brokeback.

And for the autograph question: bringing back an autograph from anyone who ever appeared in a Star Trek production should only raise one question: "Why am I with this person?" Sorry, Trekkies....

Kathleen Lawton-Trask said...

Yes, "met in the airport" isn't quite "met in the Union Station bathroom," but there's something there...

Anonymous said...

Here's mine. Several years ago, boyfriend "Maurice" broke up with me because I found it odd that Maurice's roommate "Clive" was sleeping in M's bed with him. Clive had been dumped by his girlfriend ("Anne"?) and was sleeping in M's bed because he was "lonely and sad."

Both are now married -- Clive, to Anne, and Maurice, to the boyish girl he met after me.

Straight, or living lives of quiet desperation? I've just always wondered and hoped for their sake it's the former.

Straight Guy said...

Anonymous, good question... we'll answer your question in a separate post.

Upstate, I see your point, but I didn't assume that they were immediate best friends. If so, yikes.

AJT, for me, if 2 guys make a roadtrip for the sole purpose of getting close to Manny Ramirez at some fan convention, there's too much "man love" in the air. It might not be gay, but time is better spent at an actual game, or watching a game on super hi-def at CES in Vegas. Don't knock it again, Gay Guy!

garrett munroe said...

yea, the airport connect could be a sex hookup but not necessarily. and talking on the phone each day is definitely a bromance. is their sex? maybe not. but true love could raise its head.

ha. DEATH MAIDEN? not all gay guys avoid the industrial metal scene though. randy/dave of LAMB OF GOD is an old boyfriend of mine. and i'm total hard stuff as a musician.