"No Homo"-phobia... That's What He Said

Sorry to be selfish about this, but my biggest concern is that I needed the "Old Person's Guide" to get up to speed on this. Oh yeah, it's ultra-homophobic to boot.

Thursday Update: Still haven't found one example I would classify as "mad funny." Not even close. But here's a take from a student who's trying to break the habit.

Friday Update: It's taking over the NFL... check out this link provided in our comments.

--Straight Guy


KCDC said...

There's a sports blog called Deadspin that brought this up a few months ago.


Of course, as its writers and most of its readers are white guys (including myself) it's not surprising they thought it was new, though the first commenter in that post called them on that. Most commenters that use it subsequently have done so satirically. Wow, who'da thunk it, a sports site with intellectually advanced readers. (no jocko)

Gay Guy said...

Wow. Well explained. And, the guy who did the little film is so cute! Whoa, homo! Is he somebody I am supposed to know?

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