If Elevator Muzak Be the Food of Homosexuality. . . Drone On

As we go into the season of shopping, including groceries, I came across this weird news article from last year. Can anyone confirm if this is a true story or an urban myth. Looks real to me. I crawled around the Kroger site to no avail.

I can't say I pay that much attention to the music in my grocery store. I'm just working my shopping list, not making a list of what's on the ambient music play list. (And, yes, I am paying lots of attention to my coupons.)

--Gay Guy


ruck bodgers said...

They're not getting rid of the all the gay spices and condiments, though, right? Because that would just be silly.

Gay Guy said...

Hope not. I have a special gay fondness for Cream of Tartar. (What the hell is Cream of Tartar and where does it come from?)

I happen to truly like the grocery store. Well, I like all things related to food. People really complain about shopping, but I like the packaging and all the gimmicks they use in grocery stores to get you to buy the expensive brands.

Like I said/wrote, I don't think I much listen to the music in my grocery store. I do notice when they break in with some 'commercial' about something I should buy to prevent my untimely death from the lack of it. But, I will listen now to see if there's any 'Candle in the Wind.'

And why is Gay Music only that music song by gay people. What about music written by gay people. I think this policy unduly hurts the careers of singers. Court case here? Lawyers, please advise.

Straight in Upstate said...

I checked snopes.com, one of the urban legends sites, and didn't find anything...but then again, this story hasn't been circulated to everyone's fifth cousin twice removed on email yet, either.
I totally pay attention to grocery store music. I often shake my booty betwixt the kidney beans and angel hair pasta...maybe that's why my wife won't shop with me. The independent grocery store in Ticonderoga, NY ("Home of Revolutionary Savings!") had the world's greatest music - 1970s Bob Dylan, Joan Armatrading, artists & songs that barely appear on radio much less in a business environment. I wished I'd asked someone about it; I loved shopping there.

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