Wake the Eff Up, Dagwood!

Long before the current trend of "schlub marries hottie" sitcoms, Dagwood and Blondie paved the way in making the straight guy the butt of all jokes. I suppose any guy who marries someone so obviously out of his league will always suffer a certain amount of angst over the situation. And that will always be funny, I guess.

But this strip is proof that Dagwood may actually be criminally insane. To stroll the streets of Toontown with Blondie on your arm and be distracted by other women?!? Please. Are you completely blind to the lurid stares and deaf the constant catcalling that Blondie must endure day after day? Wake up!

I can't speak to Gay Guy about comic strip issues just now. He is still in mourning over the passing of "For Better or Worse." I can only assume that strip ended in its typical ultraviolent fashion with Elly and John Patterson meeting their grisly fate head-on, a la Butch and Sundance. Keep your head up, GG.

--Straight Guy


straight in upstate said...

No SG, Lynn Johnston didn't snuff anyone for the finale although I could tell she was thinking about flat-lining Grandpa Jim just as Elizabeth and Anthony exchanged vows.

garrett munroe said...

dagwood is a fool lots of the time. and blondie is a typical dumb blond. i find it hard to understand how this cartoon represents reality. the dirty reality of 2008