Straight Guy,

Last night, Gay Guy and a friend attended a Dem fund raiser, an Obamarama. (It's not really called Obamarama? I asked, as if it was too good to be true.)

Over dinner, my friend and I picked over McCain's choice of of Sarah Palin for his running mate. I just kept repeating,
"I'm sure she's a perfectly nice person. . . " While my friend pondered over 'liberal bloggers' and their questions about Palin's youngest child, I prayed for the women of American and their ability to see through McCain's pandering. Please just let this be Christmas in August for Democrats, I beg.

The Obamarama was fun. Pretty much what I figured: Nice club, lots of eye candy, music I recognized -- Madonna's got staying power. Drag queens, too. Nothing gay happens today without layer of drag queens. One of the trio, the lovely Blair Michaels, was tall, tanned, teased, and severely in need of moisturizer.

"She's so Cindy McCain," my friend gasped.

--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Big props to this blog and its readers - someone mentioned Sarah Palin as a VP prospect in a post back in July, and I googled her. When everyone said, "You'll never guess who McCain picked" I said, "The governor of Alaska?" Thanks for making me look smart, boys (and GG knows I need all the help I can get).

straight in upstate said...

Oh, and thanks, GG, for the Cindy McCain drag queen comment. I followed the Blair Michaels link, now every time I see Cindy McCain I think "drag queen." Kinda like the time I saw Bea Arthur perform a few years ago - I'm still not sure if I saw Bea or a female impersonator.

Straight Guy said...

What in God's name does "saw Bea Arthur perform" mean, Upstate?

Gay Guy said...

Upstate -- I am SO SO jealous.

straight in upstate said...

Yeah, SG, that phrase does bring up many images doesn't it? It wasn't in Tijuana and there were no donkeys involved, if that puts your mind at ease. She came to town - one woman show with a pianist/ straight man (in the comedic sense) as old as her - sang some songs and mostly regaled the audience with show biz stories. And GG...front row seats, left hand side. It was for my wife's birthday, I probably wouldn't have gone myself.