Dear Straight Guy,

Uhmm... I didn't know you were gay when I was having sex with you....

I'm loving last week's revelations that Teddy Pedersen, the aide/driver for former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, had engaged in two years of regular sexual threesomes with McGreevey and his wife, Dina, before McGreevey was governor. "Friday Night Specials." The "I am a Gay American" gov. admits it, the former Mrs. McG. denies it. Read more. And for more about McGreevey 's 2004 resignation as governor read on.

First, the high in porn value of the story. Better, the delusion of 'sex without sex.' Pedersen said he had contact only with Mrs. McGreevey during the trysts and wasn't sure whether McGreevey was gay. In fact, Pedersen says, it "didn't seem like he was gay." Let's get this straight--you have regular threesomes that include another guy and you don't consider that you're having sex with him. Even if Pedersen didn't have any kind of full-on penetration with McGreevy, surely they rubbed up against each other. Some parts touched. Shared some sweat. If not, where were they? In separate rooms? Wouldn't make much of a threesome.

Oh yeah, and the Friday Night special followed dinner at TGIFriday's. That's my favorite part.

I know we want our blog to be classier than this story, but this was too good to resist.

--Gay Guy

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Anonymous said...

Hello Gay Guy!

I'm glad to see you are feeling better.

Straight married people confound me. Why do they go to TGIFriday's after sex?

Can't they just cook at home?

I agree with your statement, "I know we want our blog to be classier than this story, but this was too good to resist," but really...we are talking about governors and first ladies, & a senator and his wife. Aren't they, by definition, "classier" than the rest of us?