It's Funny Because It's NOT True

Maybe there's nothing more to this, GG, and I'm glad that you don't take offense. But the latest viral vid out there (an SNL Digital Short) is running on the same fuel.

The Kimmel/Affleck video reminded me of a much older skit with David Letterman and Steve Martin. Same deal...

All very different, and to me, all funny. Kimmel's is over-the-top, Letterman's is very restrained and non-sexual, and I'll give the SNL clip a little extra credit for emotional complexity and fearlessness in the makeout scene.

I know that dissecting any joke immediately robs it of humor. But, the question for me is still "why?". The laughs are about more than the broken taboo and sight gags.

The question for you, GG, is whether this all a bit juvenile, or are these skits signs of progress and acceptance? Are we laughing "at" or "with"? Aren't these samples very different from the "Men On Films" clips I mentioned earlier?

From this straight guy's perspective, I think the surface humor (will they?, won't they?, OMG, they just did!) is just an overlay on the deeper joke... that straight guys have no clue about intimacy of any kind.

--Straight Guy

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