New Poll: For Better or the Worst

Did you see Elliot Spitzer's resignation speech the other day? He's not the first dishonored politician to face the press with a loyal spouse at his side.

FYI, Mrs. Straight Guy promises to throw rotten tomatoes (and perhaps a brick or two) from the back of the room if a mea culpa of this magnitude is ever necessary.

[Update: see her clarification in the comments below]

Let us know who you think had the hardest time standing by her man as he made a public statement detailing his infidelities. Here's a link to a Reuters rehash of the now standard "good wife" scenario.

Vote in the column to the right. Here are your choices:
• Silda Spitzer (Gov./Lawman husband hires expensi
ve prostitutes)
• Suzanne Craig (Senator hubby admits to wacko
restroom behavior, but denies he is gay)
• Dina McGreevy (Governor comes out of closet, admits to gay affair)

[UPDATE: Polls closed. Here are the results.]

Would you provide comfort and support? Or quickly appear on Oprah to give your side of the story? Join the discussion here.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Straight Guy here to clarify my position on this issue of one-way spousal support. I believe I expressed that I would, in no way, shape or form, be in the room during any ridiculous public apology ceremony. Dignity is what I'm going for here. Thus hurling rotten fruit or construction materials might work against me here. Perhaps I am not quite as selfless as Silda, Suzanne or Dina? I don't know...isn't it most logical that if your mistress (or mister) was so important that you'd risk facing this mea culpa moment, then it be her (or him) that is standing next to you for the sideshow?

Anonymous said...

Shell-shock may be a mitigating factor for the "Stand By Your Man" syndrome. A co-worker of mine was dumped by her husband of 32 years - there were some signs but still a surprise nonetheless. She says her initial reaction was if she remained calm and rational maybe they could still work things out...or the alarm clock would go off and she'd realize it was just a bad dream. Although in the case of political spouses, you'd almost think that they would be prepared for it, given the recent odds. "He's a politician, he thinks his poop don't stink, and the checking account is off by $5,000 for the third month in a row - better buy a new Donna Karan outfit for the press conference."
Re: the poll - I had to vote for Silda, less for the shame of her man going to a prostitute and more that he's the stupidest man in America. As NY attorney general, he pushed banks to buy and implement the financial tracking software that got him caught. (It looks for and flags any suspicious transactions - big ones or patterns of small ones - so use the cash from under your mattress to buy your crack this weekend.) Apparently his penis didn't get the memo.