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Straight Guy,

Welcome  back. I hope your week of vacation was restful. 

I figure your kids might have buried you in sand, so you missed some good gay/straight-related news stories last week. Here's a brief selected round up:

--A bittersweet story: Jacques Beaumont, 86, and Richard Townsend, 72, wed after 39 years together. Both are in poor health and the wedding took place in their hospital room. God bless New York's new same-sex marriage law. Read the story.

--I Don't Got a Friend: Anti-gay marriage, social fascist and all-round bigot Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum outs himself on CNN that he has gay friends. Whether he talks and listens to them is a question mark. Read and watch.

Fast Endings: Tea Party backed Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell  walked of the Piers Morgan Show when he pressed her on her anti-gay marriage and Don't Ask, Don't Tell stances. Oh, Christine, you're such a troublemaker. Piers, you sold out your once-fine journalistic cred years ago, but you are making some recovery. Read and watch.

Enough of that, here's the real news from last week:

Dress  Code Drama:  A 61-year-old lifeguard takes a stance that he doesn't belong in a Speedo to do his job. Amen to that.  Read.

Best of all:

Shirt Situation: Because suddenly clothing and soft core porn purveyor Abercrombie and Fitch realized that Jersey Shore is a tacky show? Read.

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

I, too, find the AF/Jersey Shore smack down a major news item.

Straight Guy said...

Required speedos? Oh geez. We should be firing people who insist on wearing them, not the ones that refuse.

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