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Straight Guy,

Once again, thanks for carrying the load here. I am feeling pretty burnt out. Work's a pain, too much going on, nothing gets accomplished. Don't know how you do it,

To top it all off, I am hunting and pecking across the keyboard with two fingers because my right hand is in a splint. Nothing major--much worse looking than the problem. Fractured a finger and need to keep it immobile for a while. Getting fixed up took three hours in the ER, an X-ray, and about three yards of gauze. 

During my ER time, I was a few yards away from a woman patient accompanied by a boyfriend. He gave straight guys everywhere a good name: very gentle, never stopped reassuring her (she was high drama) and had her little purse in his lap the whole time. Nice.

The ER is a freaky place. This one is in the high-rent section of town and it still gave me the creeps. 

--Gay Guy 


SteveA said...

I hope ur finger gets healed soon! I guess the law of the situation dictates how one reacts - even SG's.

Anonymous said...

If comforting a girlfriend in the ER and holding her purse is Gay Guy's standard for "good" straight male behavior, then he has really low standards. Or has not seen enuf straight men in his time.

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