Gay Scale

I belong to a gym. Yep, I do. My gym has several locations. I guess they reflect the flavor of the neighborhood. The one I go to, or at least walk by, after work is very straight. The one in my neighborhood is pretty gay.

I've noticed that the scale in the gayer branch of the gym is "kinder" than the other scale. Not just once or twice, but almost always. Even with successive newly purchased scales, I am few pounds lighter in Boystown.

Is this on purpose? Is this a kind scale that's nice to me just because I am gay? Is it trying to reverse a decade of body image issues? Is it trying to give me a pep talk instead of straight talk?

--Gay Guy


Straight But Fabulous said...

Can you sneak me into your locker room so I can use the kinder boystown scale? My scale at home is a total b*tch.

Straight Guy said...

I predict that "I"m a Few Pounds Lighter in Boystown" will win a Tony for best song in 2011.

straight in upstate said...

Forget orientation - there needs to be an over-40-and-sniffing-at-50 gym. My scale's not showing me any love.
SG, I hope you copyrighted that song title before posting - it's gold!