Eye contact. I contact.

Straight Guy,

I had something of a fix up this week. Sadly, that in itself is worth a blog entry. Let's just say it's been a recession.

Anyway, there's nothing particularly straight or gay about dating. The ups and downs are probably pretty universal. I am sure this guy was very nice, at least he came recommended. He spent the hour checking out the room. Don't know if it was the TV, the waiter, other guys there, all the above, who knows. He had it down. His eyes would come back on me one second after I would look at him.

I guess it's really true that guys really get visually overstimulated.

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

I've heard this complaint directed at me, too. The more pressure there is to connect, the harder it is to do. I don't know what's worse, too little eye contact, or too much.

Don't take it personally. But the dude sounds like a dud to me.

straight in upstate said...

The pressure doesn't end - my wife mentions it every time we go out. "You're watching the TV! You're eavesdropping! Stop staring at those people!" But I refer her back to one of our first encounters (pre-official dating)in a bar with multiple TVs during football season - I deliberately sat out of view of them so I wouldn't "stray". Hold out for someone who makes the effort.

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