Model Man

Straight Guy, Another reason to live. Next Top Model goes coed.
Straight Guy,

I had a laugh out loud moment this morning before you arrived at work.

The first step of my work day is switching out of my commuting shoes into the nice shoes that live under my desk. 

I tried to pull open the drawer where I stash the shoe horn. Locked. Huh? 

Eventually I remembered that I have my old laptop and a recent UPS delivery for you in my bottom drawer, so I had locked the desk. But my first thought was that I had locked up the shoe horn. That would be one valuable shoe horn. 

This was funny at the time, but I don't think it translates well to text.

--Gay Guy

Straight Guy,

Came home today from a great long weekend in Provincetown. 

I had an interesting interaction in the airport in Boston on the way home. I took the Ptown ferry back to the Boston airport. After going through airport security, I grabbed some lunch. The eatery was low on table space, and a guy asked if he could share the table with me. 

I knew I had seen him sometime today. Was it the Provincetown/Boston ferry?  

So, let's quickly jump ahead to the answer. No, decidedly not the ferry, but the US Airways screening line.

Here's the synopsis: Given that I'm a basically a friendly guy, had come off a long weekend of chatting with strangers in Ptown and that this guy and I were sitting two feet apart from each other, I struck up a little conversation. 

Me: I've seen you today. Were you on the ferry?
Him: No. I haven't been on a ferry in years.
Me: Okay.

Him: If I had been on the ferry, where we I have been coming from?
Me: Provincetown.

Him: No. No. I'm no homophobe but there's no reason for me to be in Provincetown.
Me: Okay, my bad.
Him: Yeah, I wasn't in Provincetown.
Me: Okay.

Buddy, it's great that you're straight. But, there's lots of reasons for straight people to be in Ptown. Like the best food on that part of Cape Cod. 

He did apologize for the remark. Hoped he hadn't offended me. I told it was fine--no harm, no foul. I wasn't offended, just weary that it required a drama.

SG, please, please remind me not to talk to strangers.

--Gay Guy

Recharge the Gay Battery

Straight Guy,

I'm in Boston, waiting for the ferry to Provincetown. Yes, the summer gay mecca, just not in the summer. It already feels like early fall, which it pretty much already is. No matter, I am not going to Ptown to work on my tan.

I need the down time. One of the many things that I love about Ptown is the opportunity to just be quiet. My head needs that right now.

Hoping for blogging time.

--Gay Guy

GG's Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Straight Guy,

Here's some of the news that happened over the past few months that I shoulda, woulda, coulda blogged about. Here's a few headlines. If you want details, call me. . . maybe.

  • Chick-fil-A head says gay marriage brings God's judgment. Cluck you, dude.
  • Green Lantern comes out as new gay DC comics character. You show me your gay superpower, I'll show you mine. 
  • Anderson Cooper comes out. Duh.
  • Target starts selling same-sex marriage greeting cards. This choice still has to be easier than finding the perfect Father's Day card.
  • Jimmie "J.J." Walker lets us all know that he's against gay marriage on "moral grounds." Not Dy-No-Mite, you big swisher.
  • Gay troops allowed to march in uniform in San Diego Pride Parade.  No snarky comment, just pride.
  • Astronaut Sally Ride dies, survived by female partner of 27 years. Again, nothing but pride.
  • Olympics. Hot bods, lotsa skin, lotsa Spandex. 'Nuf said.
  • Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe won't answer definitively if he is gay, but says he "ticks all the boxes." Uhmm . . . . okay . . . . got it.

Happy to be back on the blog with you, SG!

--Gay Guy

Tick, Tick, Tick...

Wait. What? Over the summer, when we targeted September 1 for a relaunch, we weren't smart enough to notice that the day fell on a Saturday of a 3-day weekend. Oops. 

Still, we're very excited. Maybe not as excited as this guy (see below), but pretty close. 

Talk to you Tuesday. 


Viral Video: Street Talk with The Beards

This could have gone a number of ways. Too bad they chose several of them. 

 -5 points for being way too long. 

+2 points for being Australian. 

--Straight Guy